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My name is Susanne and I'm the writer of this blog. To be more specific: It's me who is writing, but the thoughts and reflections are of two pugs. As you all know: pugs can do a lot, but they can't actually write, hold a pen, or use a laptop. They don't have thumbs or fingers you see 😉

I'm married to Guido, and we have a son and a daughter: Florent and Armijn. If you follow us on Instagram, you might have seen them in one of my posts. But the @thedutchpugsisters Instagram account is really about my pugs.

I never really wanted a dog. But from the first time I saw a pug, I just knew: I need a pug. I don't think a pug is a dog. A pug is.. a pug.
My life with a pug started 14 years ago, with black pug puppy Josephine (Fien) and 8 years later we decided to have another pug, so puppy Rosie came to live with us too. Their characters were totally different: Fien had always been very calm, and patient, while Rosie was so energetic, and she was always trying to get all the attention.

When Fien passed away, we were totally heartbroken and we missed her terribly. Poor Rosie was missing her pug sister too, she looked so lost..
Although Fien would be irreplaceable, we felt we would love to have another black pug one day.
Three months later we were ready to welcome Matilda, a very cute and sassy little black pug puppy, and from the moment she arrived Rosie acted so much more mature and she wasn’t rowdy Rosie anymore!
And so now the story continues with Rosie and Matilda and with Fien in our hearts..


Hi, my name is Rosie and I’m the oldest pug in the household here. The oldest pug, not the oldest pet, because there is an older pet around: I often call him Catbro because he is a Persian cat and he’s my brother (from another mother!). He’s 17,5 years old, and he’s not feeling too well lately, so that’s why I’ll do the most of the talking here on this platform.

I had an older sister, her name was Josephine, but I called her Fien, and I loved her so very much. She passed away last August, shortly after her 14th birthday, and I still miss her every day. 

I learned quite a lot from her; she was so wise, and thoughtful, and she was always positive and tolerant, and on top of that she was very sweet. I felt really lonely when she passed away..

I think Fien is irreplaceable but I was very happy when I heard that a new pug sister would come to live with us. She's not like Fien yet, she's still a baby and she has way more energy than Fien and she loves the game "bitey face" and I don't think I've ever seen Fien play that game! But I love my new sister nevertheless, because she likes to cuddle and I really love her company.

By the way, her name is Matilda.


Hi! My name is Matilda and I’m new here at @thedutchpugsisters. Rosie is my big pug sister and she’s helping me to feel comfortable here in my new surroundings.

I also have a Persian Catbrother, I was a little afraid of him the first time we met, because he looked like a lion! But he didn’t move at all, so I think he’s harmless.

Mom and dad are very sweet and my human Bigbro and Bigsis seem like a lot of fun.
They only make me kinda nervous because they keep staring at me and they giggle a lot (while staring at me) and they all want to touch and cuddle me. And they especially seem to like my belly.

I can’t tell you a lot of exciting stories yet because I’m just settling in here in my new house and with my new parents, but I’m sure in the future there’ll be quite a few adventures to share with you!


Catbro is my orange colored cat brother. Catbro’s real name is Bear because he looks like a little bear sometimes. In Dutch you’d write Beer, but that makes it so confusing in English that we started to call him Catbro on Instagram, so all languages would understand it.

Catbro is a very relaxed Persian cat that likes to sleep all day. He’s pretty old, 17,5 years, and he hasn’t been feeling too well the past year. He can hardly walk anymore, and he doesn’t know how to use his litter box the way he’s supposed to.

He has his own cute little bedroom upstairs, with our pictures on his wall, but unfortunately his food bowl is there too. I would love to have a taste of his food, but mom thinks I would eat everything. I would never do such a thing!! (Would I..?)


Beer has passed away on December 9. 2021.

He was 17.5 years old.

Beer's health had been in decline for quite some time, and since a few months we felt strongly he wasn't happy anymore. We didn't want him to suffer and to be in pain. We knew it was time to let him go, we had to help him to cross the Bridge.

Run over the Rainbow Bridge little Beer, Fien is waiting there for you.

Beer aka Catbro: June 4, 2004 - December 9, 2021

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